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Michael Phelps Ain’t Makin’ Love…He’s Strokin’! by Business_Socks
May 13, 2009, 12:37 am
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Phelps Stroking

Starting this weekend, Michael Phelps is going to momentarily halt his bedroom stroking and get back to what has allowed him to have an active (over active?) sex life in the first place. That’s right. He’s going to wear a small bathing suit and appear on television. Oh, and he’s going to show everyone his new ‘stroke.’ Cue the Billy Squier jokes.

This will be his first competitive event since Beijing and he’s apparently earned a bachelor’s in reverse psychology from Rosetta Stone. Says Phelps:

I’m not going to be in my best form. I just want to be able to step up to the block and just perform and be able to race. If I get third, I get third.

Newsflash, Fievel. Bronze medal in the Grand Prix at Charlotte doesn’t pull free weed, stripper threesomes, and endorsement deals. Might want to give it the old college try.

[USA Today]


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