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Al Davis: Likes/Dislikes by Saberhagendaaz

Al Davis

Recently, Tim Brown suggested that Al Davis doesn’t like black people. It was just like when Kanye West said the same thing about George Bush, except that in this case it’s not true. To make sure no further mistakes like this happen, Style Points sent Mr. Davis a questionnaire about his likes and dislikes. Here are his answers:

Category Likes Dislikes
Races Blacks (excluding Tim Brown and Marcus Allen) Mexicans (especially Tony Gonzales)
Weapons Sharpened Dentures N/A
Cities Oakland/Los Angeles Los Angeles/Oakland
Bathroom Reading Phillipine-American War Literature Popular Science
Vehicles Hearse Prius
Morbidly Obese Coaches John Madden Art Shell
History The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, Waterboarding, Richard Nixon Due Process, The Renaissance, Handjobs, Chinamen
Kiffins Layla, and the bastard children Lane thinks are his Lane, AKA the douchebag who will never see the rest of his contracted money
Blood Types B- (hard to find, but a distinct, oaky flavor) O+ (only fit for commoners)

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That reminds me, I should rent Underworld this weekend.

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