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In Remarkable Display of Compassion, John Elway Chooses Not to Disown Loser Son by ClintonPortishead
The Unhappiest Boy in the World

The Unhappiest Boy in the World

Recently, Jack Elway (ASU freshman Quarterback and son of NFL Hall of Famer/Baltimore Colts pariah John) announced he was quitting football. It seemed the minor Elway doesn’t share his father’s love for the game, and had spent his youth more or less going through the motions (other theory: he realized he’d get lots of praise but never actually achieve success without a Terrell Davis Jr. to carry the Sundevils’ load).

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Cheeky Bastards by Shakεy

Deadspin commenter and writer for The Rookies CoolHwhip is today’s contributor.

The NFL is in talks to bring two regular-season games to London in 2010. After arriving in London for my weekly trip, I asked two British folk what they thought. Here was their back-and-forth: Continue reading