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Ask An Old Redneck Vol. 2 by Business_Socks

It’s time to check in with Festus again.  Let’s see who’s needing a nice dose of anonymous advice.

Dear Mr. Bogwater,

Long time reader, first time writer.  I’ve been struggling at the plate lately.  My power has mysteriously disappeared.  Though last night I connected for my first home run of the year.  What I would like to know is do you think that’s a sign that I’m getting my stroke back or just dumb luck?


Brokedown in Beantown
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BREAKING NEWS: Possible Vick Craigslist Ad by Business_Socks
May 12, 2009, 12:00 pm
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****Roommate Wanted for 7bed/4 bath Mansion**** (Cobb County, GA)
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