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Weekly Power Poll: Wrestlers Turned Hoopsters by Business_Socks

This week it came to light that the Pepsi Center in Denver is double booked for game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.  The competing event is a WWE event.  With no easy answers in sight we here at Style Points burned the midnight oil (and sensimilla) and found a compromise.  We’ll find 5 old school wrestlers apiece to suit up for the Lakers and Nuggets.  We still get the game and Vince McMahon gets his exposure (and his Guatemalan toddler as per his venue rider).

10. Junkyard Dog  (Lakers) – He’s a perfect fit for LA because they are as soft as Jack Nicholson’s penis pavillion (stomach).  Yes, he’s dead but if you’re going to be a stickler about whether or not these old school wrestlers are alive then I’m not going to be able to write this fucking thing so shut up Mean Gene Okerlund.
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Weekly Power Poll: New Jobs For Van Gundy by Business_Socks

We here at Style Points perform many duties.  At different points in our career we’ve been called a clubhouse cancer, clubhouse lawyer (redundant), class clown, hall monitor, first base coach and occasionally, head hunter.  So today we put on our career counselor cap (it’s bedazzled) and try to fit soon- to-be-unemployed Stan Van Gundy with a new career.

Donut Maker10. Donut Maker – We hate to typecast someone but he looks the part.  He also looks the part of a cretinous porn star but, you knew that already.
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